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2019: Fake bat news: Bat saliva contains mercury which can be                      harvested from the nest (Bat News)

2018: Temporary green grass or permanent green  (Hamyari)

2016:                    Publication-Series-No.7_web.pdf

2016: Environmental education culture , compare between Iran and                Canada (Zist Boom)

2001: Waste Management of Hormoz Island (Hamshahri)

2018: Distribution Update on Bat Presence in Different Roost 

           in West Azerbaijan Province(Iran)in 

 2018: Bat Conservation Problems In Zagros Mountains(Iran) 

2012: Habitat Sustainability Index of  lizards in Meighan Wetland in              Markazi Province

2011: Species Diversity & Distribution of Lizards in Meighan Wetland in                 Markazi Province

2008: Species diversity of Bats in Felezi Bridge in Dezfool

2008: Some Observations on Fruit Used by Birds and Egyptian Fruit Bat                 Rousettus aegyptiacus in Qeshm Island

2007: First Report of Bats in Manian Cave in Jahrom

2005: A Scientific Report about Bats in Qeshm Island

Journal Publications
Academic Publications 

- Aldo Leopold-

 “Education, I fear, is learning to see one thing by going blind to another.”


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